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Innovation in Australia

Ben Kehoe

Ben Kehoe has worked for four decades at the coal face of Australian business as a social pioneer, storyteller, change agent, management consultant and business owner. His real work is working with business leaders to “make stuff happen”. Working with the chairman, CEOs, and leadership teams, he focuses on the core questions an organisation must answer to address their potential with integrity.

The Mere Mortals team stumbled upon Ben one day - and fortune brought us together and the book 'Innovation in Australia'. The book, amalgamated from a series of blogs Ben has published around innovation in Australia, brings together a quick glimpse into our past, where we are today and where we could head in the future.

'Innovation in Australia' by Ben Kehoe explores big questions which ultimately land us with a view that we really need a better vision for our future. Can business leaders can play a bigger role?

In Innovation in Australia: Creating Prosperity for Future Generations, Ben Kehoe discusses how Australian businesses can improve their rates of collaboration, commercialising our innovative Australian ideas here, rather than shipping them offshore, and how this can increase the prosperity of our nation.

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