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Mere Mortals have deep conversations with a light hearted touch. Serious & Silly, like life should be.

The team documents the journey of the hosts to understand themselves, others and the limits of all us mortals.

The Mere Mortals team does this through a series of podcasts, discussions, conversations and book reviews.



There is a time to learn, but there is also a time to blow some steam. Luckily, the team at Mere Mortals knows how to do this just as well.

Join us for more "switched off" sessions which includes our musings of the week and meandering discussions.

You can also find us taking on challenges, relaxed interviews with incredible individuals and everything in-between.

Sit back, relax, enjoy.


Learnings are all around you, through all mediums and boundless stories.

The team at Mere Mortals breaks this down in themed podcasts, book reviews, interviews and goal setting sessions that can help everyone to reach new boundaries.

Switch us on and enjoy.


KYRIN (ie Michael) DOWN


Hey my name's Kyrin. I try to live my life by following my passions. So expect to hear about the intricacies of learning languages (Spanish/German/Portuguese to be specific), woe/joy about the difficulties of achieving a one arm handstand (they're damn hard), elements of creating your own personal philosophy (I like a mix of Stoicism/Pragmatism/Buddhism) and all the other topics I become fascinated by (currently it is how value 4 value will change the future of content creation). 


Originally Colombian but very much Australian, I am the other half of the Mere Mortals team. I believe strongly that emotions drive decisions, that life is made up of 'the marvels of the world' and the 'drops of oil on the spoon'. Life should be lived like you are living it already for a second time, to stare into the abyss and laugh. One should not be afraid of the 'cult of the head start' and know that easy choices lead to a difficult life. Make friends with people who want the best of you, who are playing the long game, and know that if you are taking a few blows - its the price for being in the arena of life.

I love to work out, to make great podcasts and even better connections. A people person at hand, you'll find me chatting about fitness, philosophising about life, trying to understand mortality and all the latest and greatest in innovations.

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