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Mere Mortals have deep conversations with a light hearted touch. Serious & Silly, like life should be.

The team documents the journey of the hosts to understand themselves, others and the limits of all us mortals.

The Mere Mortals team does this through a series of podcasts, discussions, conversations and book reviews.



There is a time to learn, but there is also a time to blow some steam. Luckily, the team at Mere Mortals knows how to do this just as well.

Join us for more "switched off" sessions which includes our musings of the week and meandering discussions.

You can also find us taking on challenges, relaxed interviews with incredible individuals and everything in-between.

Sit back, relax, enjoy.


Learnings are all around you, through all mediums and boundless stories.

The team at Mere Mortals breaks this down in themed podcasts, book reviews, interviews and goal setting sessions that can help everyone to reach new boundaries.

Switch us on and enjoy.


KYRIN (ie Michael) DOWN


Kyrin is your typical bloke who was following the standard path in life. This took him into the coal fields as a mining engineer, working a job that didn't inspire him. He eventually decided to take the plunge to quit his work and chase his passions. This ended up taking him through the intense deserts of Mexico, wild jungles of Colombia and blinding lights of Japan.


Nowadays he is one half of the Mere Mortals podcast. Those same passions now make him strive for excellence in all of his varied pursuits. Calisthenics, learning languages, reading, meditation, deep breathing, lucid dreaming, philosophy, flexibility training, the list goes on. Name an interest or activity and he has probably attempted it. 


Engineer turned consultant, Juan is the other half of the Mere Mortals team. As a passionate individual wanting to make a difference in society through the application of technology and strategic vision, he converses, reviews and discusses topics of interest on the podcast.

Juan is an avid fitness & health advocate, so when not found working tirelessly on Mere Mortals content you will find him out and about getting a sweat on.