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Think Like a Monk

Jay Shetty

Chew your drinks and drink your food! 'Think Like A Monk' by Jay Shetty is a story of transition, following Jay's shift from a career in high finance to becoming an ascetic monk and back again. The book is split up into three main sections titled: Let Go, Grow & Give. These explore topics such as removing the ego, letting go of negative emotions, finding purpose and giving back to others once your house is in order.

This book was sitting in my backlog for quite some time, and finally I was able to find some spare time to explore the wonderful learnings from Jay. The book itself isn't about the lifestyle and day to day activities of being a monk, aside from the examples which Jay uses to cement his ideas, but sticks to its title of the actual mindset a monk through various scenarios and experiences. What really won me over was the consistency of the little 'try this' sections, those activities designed to slow you down. I found it to be a great read and got major benefits from trying out most of the prompts to alter my thinking patterns.

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