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Shoe Dog

Phil Knight

'Shoe Dog' by Phil Knight details the journey of Nike's humble beginnings, from the Blue Ribbon Sports, through battling the Fed's, getting thrown out by banks.. the story does not hold back.

In 1962, fresh out of business school, Phil Knight borrowed $50, around $500 in today's money, from his father and started a company with a simple mission - bring high-quality, low-cost athletic shoes into America and unto the feet of every individual.

From the story of where the swoosh came from, to where the idea of the name 'nike', to being chased down by the Fed's and getting thrown out by banks, this story holds nothing back and gives a real look into how damn hard it can be to grow a brand.

Phil Knight has always remained a mystery, but in this memoir of sorts he helps remove the fog into all the great stories, candid, humble, confronting it will keep you page turning well into the night. Lace up and start reading.

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