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Everyone Has A Plan Until Shit Hits The Fan

Tofe Evans

A quaint and straight to the point book written by Tofe. The quintessential self-help book written by someone who just wants to ensure it is read by someone and helps them out to the utmost. Splices his troubles as a young man, getting out of drug addictions and using running as the tool to harden his mind.

Tofe Evans is a firm believer of pushing the boundaries of what the human body and mind are capable of, constantly reinventing himself to advocate how anyone can rise above and be the best versions of themselves. In truth, Tofe is as transparent, caring and empathethic human beings, but it took a great journey to get to where he is today.

"Everyone Has A Plan Until Shit Hits The Fan" is broken down into chapters that begin with small diary entries from Tofe's past, sharing how a young man slid down the terrible path of depression, to the deepest points of misery, only to pull himself out using running as his mode of strengthening his mind and resolve.

The book is as you might expect, giving you a glimpse into the troubles but also the ideas and mindsets that got Tofe out of a very dangerous situation. Come for those learnings and be treated to the extra morcels which include great stories of running marathon's across the himalayas as well as 100km + walks with water buckets.

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