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Welcome to the First Blog!

Oh boy Mere Mortals, guess what? The team here has decided to dust off the ol' pen and paper, metaphorically of course, and bring out a blog!! Just like Justin Hall, accredited with the first ever form of a blog in the shape of (look at the sweet pictures of it below) this will consist of brief posts, each one sharing a summary of our Mere Mortal world, what we posted in the week, thoughts of the world and whatever else the Mere Mortals feel like sharing.

What will be the cadence of it? We don't know. Think weekly... Maybe.

What exactly will be in amongst it? A little articulation of our week that was, with handy links to all of our existing content of the week, a breakdown or behind the scenes commentary of what went down. If you have ever wanted to see some real behind the scenes and that "I wonder what goes through their mind" type thought, this blog will look to fill that empty void you have been desiring to fill.

As one little example of behind the scenes, let me break down the time it actually took to get this blog off the ground.

Time to figure out how to get a blog on the site: 15 minutes

Time to figure out just what the hell we want to talk about: 20 minutes

Thinking about the cadence of such blog posts: 10 minutes before it was piled into the 'think of later pile'

All the meanwhile, powered on by having 'Michael Kiwanuka - Love & Hate (Live Session)' on repeat in the background. (go check it out if you haven't listened in to this peaceful masterpiece.

Onwards and upwards Mere Mortals, this is a beginning with an unknown end, and that's just how we like it. Otherwise, where is the fun in that. We hope you enjoy. Mere Mortals out.


In honor of the first blog, here is a link to our very first Mere Mortals Podcast episode to help set the scene of what humble beginnings can look like. If you are familiar with our latest work this might be an eye opener! It certainly was for us looking back after a year of toiling away at Mere Mortal. Fun Fact: The laptop we used to record shut down on us halfway through and we had to re-record from the halfway point, see if you can find that little cut ;)


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