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The Gulag Archipelago: Abridged (Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn) - Book Review

What can be learned from the senseless death of millions and how can we ensure it never happens again? 'The Gulag Archipelago' is a three-volume work that transformed the World's opinion on the USSR and communist ideology. The author, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, spent 8 years in the forced labour camps before being released under the sweeping reforms put in place after Stalin's death. He wrote of his experiences and those of his comrades in the frozen Russia tundra under essentially unliveable conditions. His work has had a recent revival of interest following the popularity of Jordan Peterson and his praise of the book.

I read the abridged version of this mammoth work. "This book really hits home the suffering and utter misery that was inflicted upon a whole nation. Solzhenitsyn's words scream out the unimaginable cruelty and unanswered rage through compassionate stories, comedic sarcasm and plain facts. It really is a horrifying book, but is almost a masterpiece of revealing not only the misery we can create as a group, but the suffering we can endure as an individual."

"There is a reason why this book had such a profound impact from the moment it was released. It touches upon the bare naked themes of humanities worst and greatest parts. If you desire to catch a glimpse of what Hell looks like (both physically and psychologically), then this will do it. Tough reading, but full of essential knowledge."

As always, we hope you enjoy!

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