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It isn't about learning something new, it's about acting on something you already know.

The Mere Mortals had a chance to converse with Sally Hetherington, an author, CEO and recipient of The Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM). Sally's backstory of travelling to Cambodia in her 20's and learning of the negative effects of voluntourism was humbling. From this Sally began working with local Cambodians to register the charity organisation, Human and Hope Association Cambodia (HHA).

As part of this converstion, Sally landed on two great points summed up in one sentence:

" I suppose it wasn't really learning something new, it was learning something that I already knew but I just hadn't actioned. And that was taking time off when I felt burnt out."

The 'easier' to implement one is about taking time off when it is necessary. We all know when we reach that point of burnout and every additional little thing (e.g., lightbulb blows and needs replacing, forgot your wallet at your friends place) feels like an unreasonable stressful burden.

The harder to grasp point is struggling against your own self. That part of your brain which comes up with all the reasons why you shouldn't do what is obvious. Sometimes you can overcome that combative side with sheer willpower alone. And unfortunately sometimes you need to learn that lesson through painful real world experience.

Act on the things you already know.

We hope you enjoyed Mere Mortals, out!

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